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Welcome to Zeytin Homes

Welcome to Zeytin Homes

We protected the trees and created a unique project.

Our project, situated 50 meters away from the spectacular Zeytinlik village, close to the centre of Kyrenia and reflecting the historical texture of Kyrenia, is surrounded by olive trees, with its unparalleled mountain and sea view.

All the olive trees located in the project area have been protected; those that had to be uprooted were moved by experts to other areas where they would flourish.

The project, designed with 29 three-storey detached houses and 24 2-bedroom flats, offers you a peaceful, green life.

The historical Zeytinlik village,

surrounded by olive trees, has been around for centuries, embracing many cultures in its long history and bringing them to our day. The name "zeytinlik" (olive orchard) comes from the well-maintained and fertile trees at the entrance of and around the village.

Zeytinlik village is almost like a bridge between the St Hilarion Castle and the Kyrenia Castle.

The Knights Templar settled in the Zeytinlik village towards the end of the 12th century. It was used as a command centre. The supreme priest of the nine churches was in the Zeytinlik Village as well.

You will be able to experience a centuries-old Cypriot tradition in Zeytin Homes. Burning dry olive leaves in a censer and incensing those you love, yourself, and your house will protect you against the evil eye.

Welcome to Zeytin Homes
2-Bedroom Flat
Three-Storey Townhouse

Emyap Development Ltd.

A joint venture of Yapım İnşaat Müteaahitlik Ltd. and Euro-Mediterranean Investment Company Ltd.


On the Mediterranean Coast

Enjoy the impeccably clean coastline of Kyrenia, where the summer season lasts a very long time. Taking advantage of the great opportunity that the island climate offers you, walk around the town in the mild winter months and breathe in the Mediterranean's iodine scent and the Pentadaktylos' (Kyrenia Mountains) pine fragrance.

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A Life in Peace

Offering a common swimming pool and wide green spaces, our project adds value to your life with its large carparks and driveways that are easily accessible for all flats and houses, and special playgrounds where your children can play in safety. 

Enjoy the Sun

You will feel the warmth of the sun on your skin in the generous Mediterranean climate, offering 300 sunny days in a year while the common swimming pool in our project gives you the chance to cool down.

Peaceful walks in the gardens

Zen gardens, also known as dry landscapes, is a culmination of harmony created by the combination of sand and gravel. The two fundamental components of Zen gardens are the gravel, calling into mind mountains and islands, and the sand, resembling waterways. Another important feature, islands, represents health and long life in the Zen belief. Bridges are considered a means of both overcoming the "sea" as well as connecting one island to another.

Relieve your stress by the water

Enjoy your day with friendly conversations by the pond. The coffee you will be sipping by the pond after a nice swim in the pool will make you feel very special.

Zeytin Homes

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Zeytin Homes' – the greenest housing project in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), located at the foot of the Zeytinlik Village, surrounded by olive trees, the first of all trees which are also regarded as immortal trees.

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